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She Stays Faithful is a place where I take what I have learned through prayer, sermons, and the Bible and put in into a short reading to be discussed with others in hopes that more Christians can come together and share God's word. 

Here, we believe that the bible is timeless and true. We believe in one God as the father, the son, and the holy spirit. We use the bible as a way to grow closer to God and know his character as well as to test all things against it to use as discernment. The Holy Spirit has moved through this book in an unbelievable way so that this book can be used throughout the ages to remind us of God's faithfulness. 

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About The Writer

Hello! I'm Kendra, I am 26 years old and married to my husband of 5 years with our sweet son, Emmett.
I'm from a small town in Kansas, now living in the Wichita area where I get the benefit of big city vibes while still being able to easily escape to peace ad quiet.
I have always loved writing, but have never publicly shared any of my writings until I started doing my own in depth studying of the word. It was then that God laid it on my heart to start writing inspirational short blogs to keep fellow believers encouraged and faithful.
My goal with this blog is to remind us not to stray from Jesus's teachings and to hold fast to the truth.